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Destrocity - Update 1 (4/4/12)

2012-04-04 04:40:57 by FlashTavern

Greetings everyone. Instead of filling up the main viewing page of Destrocity with updates and patch info, I figured I'd just make a news post here with all the patch notes. These patch notes are for the 4/4/12 update of the game.

New Gameplay Features:
- Interaction Key: All of the new features use the same key (the E key). Prior to this update, the E key would only be used to consume people. Now it can perform various interactions as you will read below.
- Elbow Drop: Climb a building, jump from it and perform an elbow drop slamming the ground below. The higher you jump from, the more devastating your explosion will be.
- Pickup/Throw Vendors and Vehicles
- Consume Military Personnel
- Ability to jump off of buildings instead of climbing all the way down. To do so, simply climb to either side of the building until you jump off.

Bug Fixes
- Performance enhancements.
- Fixed ice blocks not hitting military personnel.
- Fixed stamina not depleting properly while climbing.
- Fixed stamina resetting to 0% after destroying a building while climbing. It now appropriately awards you stamina, as it was designed to.
- Lots of backend, minor bug fixes.


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2012-04-11 20:48:41


Thanks for the update.
The ability to eat people to regain a little stamina does help.

- Ziro out.