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New Account

2013-07-24 16:47:33 by FlashTavern


Everyone who comes here for some odd reason, feel free to unfollow this account and hook up with my new account. This account will no longer be used. Thanks, lovely people!

Destrocity - Update 1 (4/4/12)

2012-04-04 04:40:57 by FlashTavern

Greetings everyone. Instead of filling up the main viewing page of Destrocity with updates and patch info, I figured I'd just make a news post here with all the patch notes. These patch notes are for the 4/4/12 update of the game.

New Gameplay Features:
- Interaction Key: All of the new features use the same key (the E key). Prior to this update, the E key would only be used to consume people. Now it can perform various interactions as you will read below.
- Elbow Drop: Climb a building, jump from it and perform an elbow drop slamming the ground below. The higher you jump from, the more devastating your explosion will be.
- Pickup/Throw Vendors and Vehicles
- Consume Military Personnel
- Ability to jump off of buildings instead of climbing all the way down. To do so, simply climb to either side of the building until you jump off.

Bug Fixes
- Performance enhancements.
- Fixed ice blocks not hitting military personnel.
- Fixed stamina not depleting properly while climbing.
- Fixed stamina resetting to 0% after destroying a building while climbing. It now appropriately awards you stamina, as it was designed to.
- Lots of backend, minor bug fixes.